Matthew Stafford shows up for OTAs, despite contract issue

His contract issue is, by all appearances, unresolved. That didn't prompt Rams quarterback Matthew Stafford from attending the start of 2024 OTAs.

After the Rams didn't use a first-round pick on a quarterback, Stafford's camp leaked concerns regarding the lack of security in his contract beyond 2024. The team's initial position was to whip up a word salad. Soon, however, coach Sean McVay seemed to concede that Stafford will get the revised contract he wants.

If he has, it's still in someone's drawer. Or they've reached a verbal agreement that has yet to be reduced to writing.

Folks in St. Louis would have clear advice for Stafford — get any verbal promises from the Rams in writing. ASAFP.

Stafford could still leave the voluntary offseason workouts at any time. He also could skip mandatory minicamp or boycott training camp. Yes, he'd fined. He's made more than enough since entering the league 15 years ago to afford it.

Complicating the situation is the Lions' recent move to give Jared Goff a deal worth $53 million per year in new money. Thus, in addition to more guarantees in 2025, Stafford also might want more dollars.

Behind Stafford, the Rams' options are Jimmy Garoppolo, Dresser Winn, and possibly Stetson Bennett. So, yes, Stafford has leverage if/when he refuses to show up.