Matthew Stafford "possibly" will be on season two of Quarterback, if there is one

Finally, a quarterback has said something other than "hell no" regarding the possibility of appearing in the second season of Netflix's Quarterback.

On Wednesday, Rams quarterback Matthew Stafford told reporters that he might be featured on the series, if it happens in 2024.

“To be honest with you, I've had discussions with those guys," Stafford said. "I'm not sure there is going to be a season. I'm not sure there isn't. I'm not sure. I'm just more focused on the San Francisco 49ers to be honest with you than anything going on off the field so I'll just leave it at that, I guess.”

Asked later whether he'll be on board with Quarterback if there is one, Stafford had a one-word answer: "Possibly."

Opening up his life to cameras and microphones doesn't seem to be Stafford's style. It won't matter unless and until Peyton Manning can find two others to do it.

Last week, Manning admitted that they’re having a hard time finding enough quarterbacks to do it. He also acknowledged the first effort to do the show in 2021 fizzled out when not enough quarterbacks could be persuaded to embrace what many view as a distraction.

Frankly, Manning himself never would have done it. There's no way he would have allowed his routine to be disrupted in any way by the constant presence of cameras and microphones.