Matthew Judon trolls internet with April Fools’ Day retirement announcement

Leave it to Matthew Judon to have an epic April Fools’ Day prank awaiting New England Patriots fans on April 1.

The Patriots’ four-time Pro Bowl linebacker took the opportunity to troll the internet by announcing his retirement in an Instagram post. He had the traditional “Thank You” graphic with a short message to fans that read:

“Thank you Patriots nation for showing me so much love and support these past three years in New England. I can honestly say that New England has become one of my favorite places on Earth, and it is all thanks to you, the fans. Although this chapter is coming to a close, I am unbelievably excited for the next stage of my career, competing in professional equestrian show jumping.”

For those curious, equestrian show jumping is a competition where contestants jump a series of obstacles on horseback.

It’s another hilarious ruse from Judon, who obviously couldn’t help himself on the prank day of all prank days. Instead of horseback riding, Patriots fans would much rather see Judon get healthy and get back on the horse of being one of the most feared sack artists in the NFL.

Story originally appeared on Patriots Wire