Matthew Berry analyzes Will Levis' fit with Titans

Connor Rogers, Matthew Berry and Jay Croucher dive into the Tennessee Titans' trade up to select Kentucky QB Will Levis, highlighting his immediate outlook in the AFC South and his fantasy potential.

Video Transcript

JAY CROUCHER: All right, America's national nightmare is over. Will Levis is off the board. Pick 33, goes to the Titans. Thought he might go there at 11, but he doesn't. He goes at 33. Connor, what kind of prospect are the Titans getting?

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CONNOR ROGERS: A raw prospect with a lot of. Talent this is someone that has trajectory reminds me a lot of Jordan Love, where you look at the big arm, the tight throwing motion, the ability to drive throws outside the numbers when needed, hang in the pocket, take a hit with that big, big frame of his. But you need to-- there's a lot that needs to be cleaned up with Levis.

He needs to play faster. I thought a lot of his issues where it looked like accuracy problems were more timing problems, where he was just late or way too early on throws. His wide receivers did drop 15 passes this year. So he didn't get a lot of help in his final college season. But I love this fit here where he--

Listen, I had him as the 38th overall player in this draft. So this is closer to where he should have been drafted compared to the projections before the draft. Now he sits behind Ryan Tannehill. He gets the time and the seasoning he needs. And Tennessee gets a quarterback that they could develop for the long term.

MATTHEW BERRY: Yeah, I think it's a great pick for Tennessee, given that he's dropped. And this is about where he should have gone. We've heard a lot of draft evaluators, Connor, you being one of them, saying, look, I don't get the hype. He's going where the tape says he should go, not where Reddit guys say he should go.


Dynasty-wise, eh. Again, this is not a guy that runs. Now he goes to the Tennessee Titans. Tennessee Titans were bottom three in pass attempts last year. It's a run-first team. And who knows how long Derrick Henry is there? But still, we think as long as Mike Vrabel's there, it's going to be a conservative offense.

Now, they've started to open it up a little bit. They got Treylon Burks. They'll have him for a second year. My guy Chig Okonkwo, he's there. So they're starting to get a few weapons in the passing game. But to your point, Connor, dynasty--

He's not anyone that's on the redraft radar or at all. And in terms of dynasty, I'd much rather have of the day one picks than Levis, honestly just because again, he's going to sit this year. He's a raw prospect. And even when he's a starter, I don't know that-- because he's not a running quarterback-- he's going to need massive touchdown passing potential. I don't see him having that in Tennessee.

JAY CROUCHER: Yeah, 48 hours ago, Will Levis was the favorite to go number two overall. So great value for the Titans at 33 but a better real-life pick than a fantasy-relevant one for now.