Matt Ryan wont be ‘standoffish’ if the Falcons draft a QB

Deen Worley
·1 min read

With the Falcons selecting No. 4 overall in the 2021 NFL draft, many experts believe the team will draft a quarterback to sit behind veteran Matt Ryan. Per Pro Football Talk, Matt Ryan made an appearance on a local Atlanta sports radio station where he was asked the possibility of the team selecting his heir apparent.

“You’re not going to be best friends with everybody,” Ryan stated on 680 The Fan. “But part of being a good teammate is competing and pushing people to be the absolute best they can be. Your job as an individual is to be the best player you can be and find a roster spot regardless of who’s drafted or where they’re drafted but my personality is not to be standoffish with anybody else.”

Ryan also talked about his professionalism and how he understands the business side of the deal. Throughout his career, Ryan has been a standout professional with numerous coaching changes and many trials and tribulations. There was no indication his attitude would change with the potential of having his replacement on the team.

Atlanta announced on Tuesday that the team has no plans on moving both Matt Ryan and Julio Jones after many experts considered the Falcons would make such transactions.


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