Matt Olson Q&A: A's slugger discusses favorite actor, on-deck routine

Brodie Brazil
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Matt Olson's demeanor is a perfect representation of Oakland's current roster. Young, yet experienced. Charismatic, yet humble. 

The two-time Gold Glover missed the first 35 games of last season with a broken hamate bone, yet Olson still managed to flirt with 40 home runs and 100 RBI.  Defensively, he also continued to be one of the most sure-handed first basemen in the game.

It's not just because he plays a corner infield position, but it certainly helps the analogy - Matt Olson is a bona fide cornerstone of the A's product. Both on, and off the field. It's scary to think about where the next few seasons could take him if the "next steps" keep coming. 

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At Media Day in January, we learned a little more about the Georgia native.

Are audiobooks considered reading?
Yeah, just a little less effort.

Tougher sport to play if you had to do it tonight: football or ice hockey?
Probably football. I'm not built for it. But then again… I can't ice skate.

What matters most to you: launch angle, exit velocity, or spin rate?
Probably exit velocity. If you hit it hard, you're doing something right.

You get a free trip for this weekend: Tahoe, Napa, or Monterey?
Never been to Tahoe. And I love Napa. But I'll go Tahoe, I've got to see it. I'd prefer winter.

First animal you go see visiting the zoo?
I'm actually a huge sea otter guy, not necessarily my first, but yeah, any sort of otter. I get pretty excited about otters.

Favorite person or account you follow on social media?
There's a golf account, humorous… some good captions, making fun of people.

Teammate that you'd be a fan of if you weren't their teammate. 
Marcus [Semien].

The best actor of your lifetime is Tom Hanks. Agree/disagree? 
Disagree. Will Ferrell for sure.  

A through F: grade your emoji usage?
C. Just middle of the pack.

Most important aspect of a good walk-up song?
The beat. I'm a big rap guy, gotta have a good beat.

Something you need to get done every time in the on-deck circle?
Pine tar. I've got to have some stick on the bat.

Best thing to tell a teammate after they made an error?
Either don't say anything, or, "Don't worry about it".

Number one piece of tech in your backpack for road trips?
iPhone or maybe an iPad.

Teammate who you think gives the best interviews?
Sean Manea.

Teammate who you think hates giving interviews?
Definitely [Khris Davis] KD is who I was thinking of.

Team potluck dinner, what does Matt Olson bring?
Mac and cheese. You can't mess that up. Literally any kind, you can't mess it up.

Song that you know all the words to?
Probably a Drake song… there's at least several Drake songs.

Matt Olson Q&A: A's slugger discusses favorite actor, on-deck routine originally appeared on NBC Sports Bay Area

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