Matt Lauer Reveals His Brutal First Impression of Al Roker

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Todayplayed an awkward icebreaker that drudged up Matt Lauer and Al Roker’s less-than-friendly past. Savannah Guthrie mentioned that actress Zendaya likes to play an icebreaker where the participants share their honest first impressions of one another.

Matt Lauer brought up a beef he had with Al Roker. He said, “We had a rough start. It’s amazing we are dear friends now.”

Lauer went on, “Long story short, on the air … local television years ago, Al said something to me I didn’t appreciate.”

Roker relayed his part of the story, saying, “He booted my name on live TV and I said, ‘Not so easy in the big leagues, is it, pretty boy?'”

The hosts all had a laugh about the awkward situation.

Watch Matt Lauer take off during interview on Today:

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