Matt LaFleur noncommittal about Joe Barry's future

The future of Packers defensive coordinator Joe Barry remains to be decided.

Head coach Matt LaFleur made no declarations one way or the other about Berry on Monday.

“Just going to go through the process at my own pace,” LaFleur told reporters at his season-ending press conference, via Matt Schneidman of

LaFleur did say the Packers defense played "fantastic" Saturday in the loss to the 49ers, but he had a different answer than a year ago when asked about Barry. A day after the 2022 season ended in a Week 18 loss to the Lions, LaFleur said he anticipated Barry's return.

He appears less certain about Barry's future than a year later.

“I know there’s going to be a lot of long-term, big-picture questions. I’m not there yet, fellas,” LaFleur said in his opening statement. “We’re just starting the process. I gave everybody off yesterday. I came in yesterday and watched the tape, all three phases, but we’re just getting into the evaluation portion right now. So probably not going to have many answers for you guys. Haven’t met with any of our coaches yet. That’ll start this afternoon. Certainly meet with the coordinators and then go down with all the position coaches.”

According to Schneidman, Barry's contract is not expiring.

The Packers hired Barry in 2021, and the defense has ranked ninth, 17th and 17th in in yards and 13th, 17th and 10th in points in his three seasons.