Matt LaFleur: Josh Jacobs is capable of being a high-volume feature back

Packers running back Josh Jacobs was working through a hamstring issue at last week's start of organized team activities. He did more Wednesday.

He is not 100 percent yet, but he's close.

"I'd say about 93 percent," Jacobs said, via Cody Krupp of Fox 11 News.

Packers coach Matt LaFleur expects Jacobs to be full speed by next week.

"Me, personally, I could have been out there last week, but they're just slow playing me," Jacobs said.

The question is: Once the season starts, how much will the Packers use Jacobs?

Aaron Jones averaged 16.4 touches per game over the past five seasons as the starting running back in Green Bay. Jacobs averaged 20.6 touches per game in the same span during his time with the Raiders.

The Packers still have backup AJ Dillon, who has averaged 11.4 touches per game in his career.

"Philosophically, no matter who the runner is, typically, we like to platoon those guys, whether it’s two guys or three guys," LaFleur said. "I just think it allows the running backs to stay fresh throughout the duration of the season. It's a very violent position they play, and some of those hits are high-impact hits. . . . Then, when it gets down to the end of it, you've got to roll with whoever you feel gives you the best opportunity to win games. But I do think there's a lot of benefit to having multiple runners in there. No. 1, I think it lengthens their careers."

Jacobs had 340 carries in 2022 when he led the league in rushing with 1,653 yards, and he had a league-leading 393 touches during that All-Pro season. Ahman Green owns the Packers team record for carries with 355 in 2003, and only four other times has Green Bay had a back with more than 300 carries.

"I think he is very capable of being a high-volume feature back, where he's getting a bulk of the carries, but we will see how it plays out," LaFleur said.

Jacobs signed a four-year, $48 million deal with the Packers in the offseason.

He rushed for 5,545 yards for the Raiders, including a league-leading 1,653 in 2022, and scored 46 rushing touchdowns.

"To be able to leave a legacy is something I think about now, being older playing playoff football and obviously trying to get a ring is really the only thing on my mind," Jacobs said.