Matt Eberflus: Caleb Williams is well suited to the Hard Knocks spotlight

The Bears are going to be the featured attraction on Hard Knocks this summer and head coach Matt Eberflus said on Friday that the team is excited about the chance to show that "we've got a good thing going."

Eberflus worked as the Colts' defensive coordinator when HBO and NFL Films did an in-season version of the show in 2021 and said he thought they did an "outstanding job" of getting the message out about a team. Eberflus said the Bears' message will be "who we are and how we operate" before adding that no one is going to deviate from how they usually do things because of the cameras.

The show will be filmed during quarterback Caleb Williams's first training camp, but Eberflus said he thinks the first overall pick is well suited to having the attention on him.

"I do, I really do," Eberflus said at a press conference. "That’s a really good point. I do think he’s suited for that. He's comfortable in his own skin, he knows who he is and he’s been out there for several years in terms of in the media . . . he’ll be good."

The show will debut on August 6 and the Bears will be hoping that Williams is able to avoid the same kind of post-Hard Knocks fate that struck Aaron Rodgers last year.