Matt Bonner supplies Spurs tickets and autographs to the young fan nearly punished for shaving his picture into a haircut

"Couldn't you just move him to the back of the class?" Pretty smart, sage advice from a guy who was about to come off the bench of a playoff game, working for a team that hasn't lost in five weeks.

That's San Antonio Spurs forward Matt Bonner for ya, the player depicted in young Spurs fan Patrick Gonzalez infamous haircut that nearly got him suspended from his junior high on Thursday. Rather than face the in-school suspension, Gonzalez decided to shave the design off, much to the chagrin of just about everyone who decided to comment in our post about the incident on Wednesday night. Bonner responded to Gonzalez's gesture by giving Patrick tickets to Thursday night's Game 2 Spurs win over the Los Angeles Clippers, and autographing several Spurs pieces of memorabilia for the youngster. Bonner, who was an Academic All-American in college, said he was mindful of the school administrators' policies, but criticized Woodland Hills Middle School nevertheless. Thankfully. From Mike Monroe at the San Antonio Express-News:

"Couldn't you just move him to the back of the class?" the red-headed 3-point shooting ace said after Thursday morning's shootaround. "Then nobody would see it; it wouldn't be a distraction. Otherwise, the nicest thing a fan has ever done for me is ruined. I'm not going to condemn the school. If anyone is in support of education and academics, it's myself, my Mom being a teacher, and (because of) my own academic success. Like I said, they could have just moved him to the back of the class."

Like we said, we wholeheartedly agree. Or move him to the front of the class, let the kids gawk at him from behind and ultimately lose interest long before the lunch period sets in. Because no matter how crazy or detailed the haircut … it's still a haircut, and junior high kids have the attention span of a LeSueur Pea.

If you missed the fantastically detailed and since-shaved haircut Gonzalez briefly sported, here's one more look. Drink it in:

With school ending in a matter of weeks and his mother's full blessing to get the haircut in the first place, here's hoping Patrick has the follicle fortitude to regrow the imagery. And have it in place by the time the Spurs potentially take to their championship parade on the Riverwalk.

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