Is Matisse Thybulle trolling the NBA Rising Stars Game on his Instagram?

Adam Hermann
NBC Sports Philadelphia

The NBA's Rising Stars Game is set for Friday night in Chicago, but Sixers rookie guard Matisse Thybulle won't be playing. The defensive powerhouse was left off the game's roster last month, a glaring ommission that left plenty of Sixers fans steaming.

This leads us to Thursday evening, when Thybulle posted what could be an innocuous Instagram story... or maybe a troll?

Here's the photo:

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Pretty normal, right?

Well, here's the weather in Chicago as of Friday:


Yeah, it's fair to say I'd much rather be somewhere warm (Thybulle is on an undetermined beach, according to his Instagram) than brisk, blustery Chicago in mid-February.

Thybulle's agent Eric Goodwin, you may remember, unleashed a hilarious (and profane) statement about Thybulle's snub when the game's rosters were announced, shaming the league's "ASSistant coaches". Truly amazing.

And Goodwin wasn't the only one angry with the decision.

Sixers coach Brett Brown was incredulous - "How can he not?" Brown asked, after Thybulle wasn't included - and Sixers big man Al Horford said he was disappointed that Thybulle didn't make the game, and felt Thybulle "deserved" a spot.

Thybulle, who for his part avoided addressing the snub, isn't exactly a controversial social media user. His main brand on Instagram is posting photos of himself smiling or playing basketball, along with shouting out his teammates' accomplishments and a few joke posts here and there. So it's entirely possible this post is nothing. 

But it's also possible that Thybulle is taking a cerebral approach to the internet jab, with a blue sky instead of a pointed take. 

In any case, his follow-up story showed him reading Wayne Dyer's "Wisdom of the Ages", taking after buddy and fellow bookworm Tobias Harris. Thybulle seems unbothered, and hopefully he's resting up for the playoff push.

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