Masters patrons share thoughts on LIV Golf players competing in the tournament

AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – Setting aside the current divide in professional golf, 13 LIV Golf players are competing in the 2024 Masters Tournament.

This week, the world’s best golfers from different tours and professional statuses are back together again, competing for that coveted green jacket. For some golf fans, it’s a happy reunion.

“I mean I don’t think they’ve really decided what they’re doing yet, but it’s nice to have them together, to have all the top players together,” said Michele Antonelli and Joan Fazio.

There’s been some tension between LIV Golf and the PGA Tour since LIV launched in 2021.

Its funding, recruitment, player contracts, rankings, events, and more have been under scrutiny by the PGA Tour, and vice versa.

“I can understand the animosity on both, but I think it’s great that everybody’s here today together,” said patron Bambi Edge.

Golfers who left the PGA Tour for LIV Golf can no longer compete in PGA events, but they can compete in the sport’s four major championships, including the Masters.

“Reluctantly I’m gonna say, I’d like to see them regardless of the ranking and the golf rankings for the major players – the best players in the world – and we all know who they are playing in these big events, right? So I’d invite the LIV players back to play in these big events, even if their rankings fall,” said Dan and Sue Dipoce.

The two entities announced a proposed merger last year. The last update was that they’re still in negotiations, but fans hope it gets settled soon.

“It is a product, I get it is a product and you got financiers who are battling and kind of trading paper and money and ownership and that sort of thing, and you know it’s just kind of like [I’m] almost tired of hearing it. Just get to the other side, it’s almost like an acquisition of a regular company, and we’re just like can we just get on the other side of this rather than having it take so long?”

Many patrons are looking forward to watching the rest of tournament, and hope there’s no more bad blood in the future.

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