The Masters and Mother Nature: A Stormy History

Okay, imagine this: you’re at Augusta National, it’s April, and you’re all set for some top-notch golf. But hold on, what’s the weather like? Well, Augusta’s weather in April is a bit like a box of chocolates—you never quite know what you’re going to get! From sunny skies to surprise rain showers, it’s a rollercoaster of meteorological fun.

A Look at the Numbers

Let’s dive into some data from the Southeast Regional Climate Center (SERCC). During Masters week (usually the first full week of April), Augusta sees an average high in the mid-70s and an average low in the upper 40s. And when it comes to rainfall, the event typically gets around 0.70 inches total. However, these figures don’t tell the whole story. Masters’ Week has seen its fair share of weather extremes.

Hot and Cold Swings

The temperature during Masters Week can swing like a golfer’s club. In 1967, patrons were sweating it out with highs exceeding 90°F, while in 2007, they were bundling up against lows dipping into the 20s and 30s. Talk about extremes! And if we look at tournament weeks overall, the warmest one was in 1978, with an average high of a toasty 86.8 degrees. On the flip side, the coldest tournament was back in 1934, with an average high of just 58.8 degrees.

Rain or Shine

Now, let’s talk rain. The wettest Masters on record was in 1936, with a whopping 3.23 inches of rain throughout the week. And get this: a staggering 67% of tournaments have seen measurable rainfall, equal to or greater than 0.01 inches. Last year was no exception, with 2.85 inches, making it the third wettest Masters in history. Talk about needing an umbrella!

Windy Woes

Ah, the wind—every golfer’s nemesis. Just this year, gusts at the start of the Masters exceeded 40 mph! Last year’s tournament also saw gusty winds, bringing down pine trees at Augusta National.

Beyond the Data

So there you have it, folks—a glimpse into the wild world of weather at the Masters Tournament in Augusta, GA. From sunshine to showers and everything in between, Mother Nature keeps players and fans on their toes year after year. It’s just one more element that makes the Masters the unforgettable event that it is.

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