Masters 2019: Officer who collided with Tiger Woods glad he made birdie

Josh Schrock
Disaster was avoided, and then history was made.
Disaster was avoided, and then history was made.

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On Sunday, Tiger Woods did what many thought he never would be able to do again -- became a Masters champion.

Fourteen years removed from his last green jacket, and 11 years since his last major win, Woods outlasted a stacked leaderboard Sunday at Augusta National to claim the 2019 Masters title.

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But it very well could have had a very different ending.

During the second round on Friday, Woods' tee shot on the 14th hole sailed left into the patrons. As he's been known to do, Woods pulled off an incredible escape shot. As the ball soared through the sticky Georgia air, many of the patrons rushed to be around the greatest of all-time.

The police officer who was manning the ropes raced to block them from Woods, but he slipped on the wet ground and slid into the back of Woods' leg.

It could have been ugly and Woods walked to the green shaking his leg. But he was none the worse for wear, as he drained the birdie and went on to win his 15th major championship. 

After the run-in on Friday, the officer breathed a sigh of relief that his collision with Woods was nothing more than a funny viral moment.

"Well, he made birdie, so I guess it all worked out," he told "Man, I am really glad he made birdie."

The officer, who asked to remain anonymous, believes Woods was more surprised than anything.

"Everyone was just coming in so fast and we try to get in the right spot. It's so slippery. I was fine until I slipped ... and almost got Tiger Woods."

Woods was a good sport when asked about it after the round, and now it's a funny footnote in the most memorable Masters victory in history.

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Considering Woods won by one shot over Brooks Kopeka, Dustin Johnson and Xander Schuaffele, it's a good thing he made birdie after the takeout slide.

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