See: Teen girl catches biggest fish on record in Ohio!

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CINCINNATI, Ohio (WJW) — Kristen Parker said her 15-year-old daughter Jaylynn Parker yelled excitedly, “this is a massive fish,” but Jaylynn got even more excited when she found out her catch was an official State of Ohio record.

Jaylnn, who lives near Cincinnati, caught the catfish on a creek near the Ohio River while fishing with her dad Chuck Parker and family friend Jeff Sams on Sunday, April 7.

Her catch was a 101-pound, 56-inch blue catfish that was weighed and certified as legal by the Ohio Divison of Wildlife as a state record for the biggest fish caught since record keeping began in the 1950s.

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“I’m so proud of her,” Kristen told Fox 8 News. “Jaylynn has a passion for fishing with her dad since she was 3-years old. She wants to start her own YouTube fishing channel.

“It’s so exciting,” Jaylnn said. “I want to inspire young people my age to know they can get out there and do and achieve what adults do or anyone,” Jaylnn said.

The blue cat, as it’s called, was caught with with a jug line, which is when a large jug is placed in the water and connected to a tied off line.

State of Ohio game wardens certified the massive fish as a state record. But now, the Outdoor Writers of Ohio, a non-governmental organization of outdoor media professionals that keeps track of Ohio’s fish records, is deciding whether to confirm if the fish, in their opinion is a formal state record after some fisherman complained on the Outdoor Writers of Ohio Facebook page.

Those fisherman don’t want Jaylynn’s catch to be placed in the overall category that also includes using a fishing line and a hook, but the State of Ohio does place jug line fishing in the general category.

Fisherman who are upset, argue that Jaylynn’s catch should now be put into a separate category only for jug line fishing.

Either way, Jaylynn is being interviewed by national networks and publications for her accomplishment, something her mom said can grow the sport of fishing.

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Kristen said, that after the fish was certified, Jaylynn called the fish ‘Bob the Blue Cat’ and released the fish back into the water. You can watch that video on Kristen’s social media post by clicking here.

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