Massive Hino truck modified and ready for rally racing

Hino Motors have participated in the Dakar Rally in Saudi Arabia since 1991, and for the upcoming race Hino has modified a Hino 600 medium-duty truck to tackle the 5,000 mile desert journey. The truck is more aerodynamic with 211-gallons of fuel to power the turbocharged and intercooled engine. With its hybrid system the Hino truck can make 1,065 horsepower with 1,693 lb-ft of torque. Learn more at

Transcript: Extreme truck ready for off-roading. This massive beast of a truck is based on the Hino 600 medium-duty truck. It was modified for the Dakar Rally a 5,000-mile desert contest in Saudi Arabia. The cargo container was transformed to become more aerodynamic and carries 211-gallons of fuel to power the 8.9-liter diesel straight-six engine. The engine is turbocharged and intercooled with a hybrid system. It makes 1,065-horsepower and 1,693 lb-ft of torque. Hino has equipped its truck with 49-inch tall XZL 14.00 r20 tires. While the truck weighs 18,960 lbs it’s equipped to tackle virtually anything