Will Marvin Harrison Jr. be a problem for the Cardinals?

For most of the 2023 college football season, former Ohio State wide receiver Marvin Harrison Jr. was the best offensive skill player in the country. Despite mediocre quarterback play, Harrison made enough plays to push him up near the top of the first round of the 2024 NFL draft.

The Arizona Cardinals selected Harrison No. 4 overall as the first wide receiver off the board in a very talented and top-heavy group.

Going back to the start of the pre-draft process, Harrison has operated rather uniquely. He did no offseason workouts or interviews, passed on the NFL scouting combine and seemed to buck the system at every turn.

After being selected, Harrison chose not to sign his NFLPA licensing agreement and is currently in the midst of a lawsuit with Fanatics over a contract disagreement. Harrison did sign his rookie contract which in essence bypassed his resistance to signing his licensing agreement.

We never want to judge too quickly when it comes to an NFL player when it comes to potential on the field. Having done this for more than two decades, we have seen countless instances where players have found themselves on the right team and the right system and performed well beyond any pre-draft scouting report.

The same cannot be said for prospects who buck the system, so to speak. No matter how talented a player is, their focus has to be on football. Could all of this other agenda and plan impact his play on the field? Only time will tell.

Story originally appeared on Draft Wire