Marvin Harrison, Jr. moves to -800 to be first non-quarterback drafted

There's an emerging thought that LSU receiver Malik Nabers could be a better prospect that Ohio State receiver Marvin Harrison Jr. That notion has not affected the betting market.

In fact, the market has moved the other way.

At DraftKings Sportsbook, Harrison has gone from a -650 favorite to be the first non-quarterback drafted to -800.

Quarterbacks are expected to go in the first three spots, regardless of whether the teams currently in those spots (Bears, Commanders, Patriots) use the picks or trade out. The first clear spot for Harrison is No. 4, to the Cardinals.

Last week, Cardinals tackle (and former Ohio State tackle) Paris Johnson Jr. said that Harrison wants to be taken by the Cardinals.

Chris Simms has made Nabers his No. 1 receiver, based on film study, Harrison is No. 3. Some teams have Harrison below Nabers, too. We're told.

All that matters is where the Cardinals have him.