Martindale on County clash, mental health and squad overhaul

Livingston manager David Martindale has been facing the media ahead of his side's win-or-bust meeting with Ross County on Saturday.

Here are the key points:

  • Insists every game has been a big game in their difficult season. They will focus on themselves rather than the Dingwall side and do "everything they can" to win.

  • Expects a "major overhaul" of the squad regardless of what division they play in next term. Adds there are 14 or 15 players he believes will leave in the summer, while he has 12 or 13 he can rely on and hopes to build on.

  • Gave the players time off last week to recover from the "psychological" strain of battling at the bottom.

  • Has to take into consideration how their season has affected his players' mental health, advising them to come off the "cesspit" of social media to avoid having the finger pointed at them.

  • "Uncoachable errors" and "individual mistake" are a big reason why Livingston are where they are, saying it's important the squad sticks together and there's no culture of blame. Says he has made errors too that maybe aren't as obvious as a stray pass or a missed chance.

  • Steven Bradley is injured, while Tete Yengi is suspended following a second yellow after he'd be substituted at Tynecastle. Doesn't anticipate fresh bodies being named on the bench, which only had four outfielders a fortnight ago.