Martin: The Reunion to bring Martin and Gina together this June

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Martin Lawrence
Martin Lawrence

Over its five seasons, Fox’s Martin, the Martin Lawrence-led sitcom, became a cultural force that lived in syndication long after the final episode aired. Well, now that other, lesser 90s sitcoms are getting reunions, it’s time Martin got its due.

Martin: The Reunion will be coming to BET+ next month, bringing the original cast back to the iconic Detroit apartment set, with Martin Lawrence, Tisha Campbell, Tichina Arnold, and Carl Anthony Payne II all slated to appear. It is unclear as of now whether or not Sheneheh, Roscoe, and Ol’ Otis will come knocking on Martin’s door.

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However, this won’t be a new episode or season. It’s a one-off meeting between the old cast. BET public relations wrote in a statement: “The cast will look back on the show’s most hilarious moments, revisit the iconic characters Martin made famous and pay an emotional tribute to the late, great Tommy Ford. Complete with musical performances and drop-ins by celebrity super fans, Martin: The Reunion brings back the wazzup wazzup wazzup passion fans have been waiting for.”

The reunion will premiere on June 16 on BET+, BET’s exclusive streaming service, which we can only assume is a hassle to use because all streaming services are. But if you’re a Martin fan, which most people are, it might be worth going through the aggravating experience of signing in.

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