Marshawn Lynch reflects on the "Beast Quake" anniversary in the most Marshawn Lynch way

Peter Socotch
NBC Sports Northwest

It's the play that rocked Qwest Field and shook Seattle to its core. 


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Wednesday marks the nine-year anniversary of possibly the greatest run in Seahawks history... heck, even NFL history. The day was January 8th, 2011 when Marshawn Lynch gave us one of the best runs of all time as the Seahawks completed the underdog victory over the New Orleans Saints, creating the Beast Quake. 

That run literally registered seismic activity at the time the run occurred. 


The bulldoze, the stiff-arm, the crotch grab...  in all, Marshawn Lynch broke nine tackles during the course of a 67-yard touchdown run to seal Seattle's 41-36 victory. 

We've all got stories about how we remember that play going down. We all know where we were when we saw it. But, there's one person who has the most unique point of view, and the most unique way imaginable.

Marshawn Lynch took to social media to recognize the anniversary of the "Beast Quake," and he did it in the most Marshawn Lynch way possible. 

Some may see that as the snake/iguana chase scene from Planet Earth II... not Marshawn Lynch.

Don't be mistaken. That's how it went down, 100%. 

Now, the Seattle Seahawks, with Marshawn Lynch back on the roster, are attempting to capture that same magic, but they'll have to do it on the road vs. the Packers Sunday night at Lambeau Field. 

Marshawn Lynch reflects on the "Beast Quake" anniversary in the most Marshawn Lynch way originally appeared on NBC Sports Northwest

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