Marlins’ Jazz Chisholm Jr. irked by open roof at LoanDepot Park: ‘We couldn’t see’

The Marlins kept the LoanDepot Park roof open to enjoy the nice weather for their opening series against the Pirates, but at least one prominent Marlins player thinks playing outdoors contributed to Pittsburgh’s four-game sweep to begin the year.

“We couldn’t see,” Marlins centerfielder Jazz Chisholm Jr. said when asked what made Pirates relievers tough to hit. “That’s how I feel. I feel like the shadows — we’re not used to playing in shadows. We normally play inside every day. So when we get a shadow for three of the four games at home for the first time this season, it’s kind of hard to adjust to.

“We’re used to the roof being closed and being able to see every at-bat. It’s kind of tough to see when it’s black out there and facing a guy throwing 101 (mph).”

The Marlins typically keep the roof closed during the season to escape the high temperatures and intermittent rainstorms that made playing at Hard Rock Stadium so difficult. According to a Fox Weather report published in March 2023 and cited by ESPN, the Marlins opened the roof five times in 2021 and 2022.

Miami’s bats did not come through in its first series. The Marlins hit just .201 as a team, which is the fifth-lowest team batting average in MLB. Their team OPS is .578, which is fourth-lowest.

Chisholm went 2 for 14 in the season’s first four games, though he did hit a grand slam on Sunday.

For the home team’s sake, the stadium roof operators may want to keep the roof closed for the foreseeable future.

“We’re very frustrated right now,” Chisholm said. “… We’re just frustrated about the one-run games and the really close games and extra-inning games. It’s not easy to lose close games. You would rather lose a blowout than a close game. … It’s still the beginning of the season. First four games of the season .We’re not really worried. Everybody goes through rough stretches. You just have to learn how to make those rough stretches short.”