Marlins fan's forgettable first pitch ends with unforgettable marriage proposal

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The Miami Marlins haven’t created very many memorable moments for their fans this season, but that isn’t stopping the fans from creating their own memories.

One such moment happened on Wednesday, when Marlins fan Rafael Cabrera surprised his girlfriend, Marlyn Sanchez, with an epic marriage proposal at Marlins Park.

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Yeah, we know. Diehard baseball fans often put marriage proposals in the same category as the “Wave” in terms of ballpark activities they dread or outright detest. This proposal was different than most though. It was actually creative and heartwarming, with a dash of unintentional humor thrown in.

Here’s how it went down.

The proposal planning

Rafael Cabrera made sure this wasn’t the same old scoreboard proposal we typically see at the ballpark. He clearly put a lot of thought into his proposal planning, and was able to get the Marlins on board.

Cabrera arranged for Sanchez to throw out the first pitch before Wednesday’s game against the Los Angeles Dodgers, and then dressed as a Marlins catcher to completely catch her off guard. According to Cut 4’s Michael Clair, Sanchez was no wiser to the plan because she frequently sings the national anthem before games at Marlins Park. She just figured they had a different role for her this night.

Everything leading up to the first pitch went according to plan. Then came the pitch itself, which if left on its own would have ranked up there with 50 Cent and Akbar Gbaja-Biamlila as one of the most off-target first pitches we’ve ever seen.

Fortunately, that part quickly became an afterthought when Cabrera revealed himself and popped the question.

The answer

Of course she said yes.

You can watch how the entire scene played out on Facebook Live. That includes Cabrera getting some last-minute advice from Marlins manager Don Mattingly.

If you notice, he even pocketed the baseball she threw and pulled out a ring case designed as a baseball for the proposal. No detail here was left uncovered.

To make matters even better for the happy couple, the Marlins won the game 6-5.

Whether you love, hate or are completely indifferent to ballpark proposals, you have to admit this was a cut above the rest.

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Marlins Park was the scene of an epic marriage proposal. (AP)
Marlins Park was the scene of an epic marriage proposal. (AP)

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