Markieff Morris on 2021 hit from Jokic: 'Sucker shot... he's gonna get his'


It was a cheap shot that at the time cost Nikola Jokic an ejection, a $50,000 fine and a one-game suspension.

It cost Markeiff Morris 58 games as he suffered whiplash from the blow.

Markeiff Morris has spoken on the incident before but did so in more detail this week on the All The Smoke Podcast with Matt Barnes and Stephen Jackson.

""Sucker shot. That's what we call it in my hood. ... So the shot was, it was a little hard. It was like a little whiplash. So I mean, to be 350, catching me off guard, it really ain't do s***. But you know, at the time, I was a little off. It was so more with the Miami Heat. They was just trying to protect me from, you know, against me from myself. But I was cleared to play like two weeks after that. They just held me out. So it really wasn't one of those things where I was injured or in pain or anything like that.

"Took a sucker shot. They call it snuck. He snuck me. It was a sucker shot. He's gonna get his though. Don't trip."

It's interesting that Morris, who was on the podcast with his brother Marcus (and they shot down the conspiracy theory they switched places during games at times), said the injury wasn't quite as severe but the Miami Heat kept him sidelined for longer. Players are often the worst judges of when they can return, but it certainly is possible he could have been back a lot sooner.

Morris, a 12-year NBA veteran (with a ring from the bubble with the Lakers), is currently an unsigned free agent. However, it has been reported the Mavericks stretched and waived JaVale McGee intending to re-sign Morris for their final roster spot (Morris ended last season in Dallas).