Market Moves Week 3

Yahoo Sports' Matt Harmon gives his insight on moves to make after NFL Week 3.

Video Transcript

MATT HARMON: Let's talk about some players or some units that saw their outlooks change after what we watched in week three. Number one, Keenan Allen, let's start on the positive note. 19 targets for Keenan Allen. He makes it work with Justin Herbert. All that talk in the preseason about how the Chargers were going to change to this run first approach with Tyrod Taylor under center, what Anthony Lynn really wants to do, well, that's all in the past now.

It's the Keenan Allen show once again. Austin Ekeler and Keenan Allen, 30 targets from Justin Herbert. I mean, as long as Herbert's under center, you're playing Keenan Allen as a clear cut wide receiver one, and you're not looking back. There's no debate, do I start this guy or do I not. No, he's back into that clear cut wide receiver one territory.

Now a player who's kind of, a group actually, that's staying neutral right now, that really isn't moving, really isn't trending up, isn't trending down, it's the Bucs' backfield. We thought we might get some clarity after Ronald Jones kind of gave the game away last week. Not so much. 52% snap share for Ronald Jones, 35% for Leonard Fournette, and of course, Shady still hanging out around there with a 17% snap share. These guys are all neutral. You're not really starting any of them with confidence. No clarity in the Bucs backfield for now. No market movement there.

And lastly, let's get negative here. How about we just cast the entire Giants offense out to sea? This entire unit is trending down. I know you're missing Saquon Barkley and Sterling Shepard, but there's no excuse for getting pasted by the 49ers C team. I mean, Nick Mullens, Jeff Wilson, Kendrick Bourne, even, I mean, Brandon Aiyuk is a first round pick, but still, if any of those guys were out there in the third quarter of a pre-season game, would you have been surprised? No.

The Giants still couldn't do anything against this unit. I'm not trying to figure out Devonta Freeman, Dion Lewis, Wayne Gallman, any of these running backs, and I'm really not even trying to guess whether it's an Evan Engram show or Darius Slayton week. Forget it. For now, the Giants completely trending down, and are off my radar after what we saw in week three.