Market Movers Week 7: Diontae Johnson is still Ben Roethlisberger's favorite target

Yahoo Sports' Matt Harmon gives his insight on moves to make after NFL Week 7 discussing Justin Herbert, Diontae Johnson and the Dallas wide reicevers.

Video Transcript

MATT HARMON: Let's talk Market Movers from week 7 of the NFL season. Justin Herbert, huge boost for this guy coming out of Sunday's action. I mean, he looks like a complete star on his own right. Throws for three plus touchdowns for the third straight game. And the best part about Herbert-- and I know this irritates some fantasy managers out there-- but he gets everyone involved. The true defining trait of a star NFL quarterback is being able to elevate the talent all throughout the depth chart.

We continue to see that with Herbert throwing touchdowns to guys that you absolutely never heard of and are definitely not on your fantasy teams. Irritates you there, but I think that shows Herbert's special ability. I cannot contain my enthusiasm for this guy. I think he is, at worst, a QB1 the rest of the way, and perhaps, even a top eight option at the position the duration of 2020.

Now a guy who's maintaining his fantasy value is Steelers' wide receiver, Diontae Johnson. We didn't know what Johnson's usage would look like now that he's healthy in a post Chase Claypool breakout world, but Johnson still led the team in targets once again against the Tennessee Titans. And Ben Roethlisberger has shown us that when Johnson starts and finishes the game, when he is out there, he is Ben's preference as the wide receiver 1. Ben Roethlisberger believes he is a wide receiver 1 of the Pittsburgh Steelers. You probably should believe that too.

Now an entire group that is stock down going just absolutely the worst possible way coming out of week 7 is the Dallas Cowboys' wide receiver. I know we perhaps had some high hopes for these guys because they're all really good. The defense is really bad even without Dak Prescott. But I think what we're seeing now in Dallas is the entire operation is way too broken.

Andy Dalton is a guy that's shown us that he can thrive when the conditions are right. Well, the conditions are all wrong in Dallas right now. I mean, the offensive line is broken beyond repair. The running game stinks. You can forget about that tired take of them just establishing the run to control the clock. And the defense obviously continues to put Dalton in negative game scripts, a position where he does not thrive.

So yes, Michael Gallup [INAUDIBLE] zero catches on seven targets in this game. We're going to see days like this because this Dallas operation is broken beyond repair. Frankly, I think you can sell on all of these Cowboys' high hopes for the wide receiver position, and frankly, for the entire operation here in 2020.