Market Movers Week 6: D'Andre Swift may finally take over the Lions backfield

Yahoo Sports' Matt Harmon gives his insight on moves to make after NFL Week 6 discussing D'Andre Swift, James Robinson and the Ravens offense.

Video Transcript

MATT HARMON: Let's about some market movers from the Sunday action of Week Six in the NFL. Now one player whose stock I think is really rising is rookie running back D'Andre Swift. I'm hoping that the Lions sort of looked at themselves in the mirror and thought, hey, we don't want to be a team that runs through Adrian Peterson here in 2020. I think Swift gives them a much more explosive element. We saw him touch the ball 18 times on Sunday. Score a touchdown. And, most importantly, score a goal line touchdown. I think Swift makes the Lions offense better, more dynamic, and more explosive. And I'm predicting that we see more of him going forward. Now, conversely, a player that I think is trending down is Jaguars running back James Robinson. He's a guy that some analysts were ranking, myself included, in the top 10 at the position, the top five at the position. I know running back is murky right now. But with the Jaguars offense slowly declining, they've gone under 17 points in three of their last five games, Robinson just isn't playing in the offensive environment that would be conducive to that type of ceiling. Even in a great spot against Detroit on Sunday, it just really didn't happen. So he's a guy that I think is moving down a little bit. The expectations just need to get a little more realistic. Now an entire unit that I'm sort of keeping steady on but, I'm, you know, not exactly as high as I was many weeks ago, it's the Baltimore Ravens. Right now, Lamar Jackson, this entire team, just isn't playing up to their potential. They're still scoring a lot of points. But it's been unpredictable. Some of the stars like Mark Andrews and Marquise Brown are not playing to a predictable week-by-week level. I think this is a team that really is looking to January. That's where they need to prove themselves as an organization. They don't owe us anything here in the middle of the season. We know who they are. This is a team that's laser-focused on their playoff run. And, for that reason, I think we might not see the best of them until maybe late in November, or in December.