Mark DeRosa thinks the Nationals could 'absolutely' make a run to the World Series

Julia Karron
NBC Sports Washington

Mark DeRosa, former utility infielder for the Nationals and MLB Network analyst and co-host of MLB Central, stated that the 2012 roster could have won the World Series. But could the 2019 team accomplish this feat?

DeRosa joined Tim Shovers and Chase Hughes on the latest edition of the Nationals Talk podcast, where he analyzed the 2019 incarnation of the team and how they've handled the season.


To start, DeRosa explained that having guys like Gerardo Parra, now known for his Baby Shark antics, is key to keeping a locker room loose during a grinding year.

"That stuff matters," DeRosa clarified. "Anyone that tells you it doesn't is lying."

It matters more when the team is gunning for a playoff spot, especially because DeRosa thinks the Nats "absolutely" could make a run at a World Series title.

DeRosa hedged his bets to start. "A betting man would tell you to take the Dodgers," DeRosa noted. "But, no one wants to see that pitching staff. They got a couple aircraft carriers in their lineup and it's gelling. The chemistry's right, Soto's a beast, Rendon's been, any other year he could be the National League MVP, so yeah, 100 percent, would not shock me."

When it comes to Anthony Rendon's impending free agency, DeRosa noted: "I would never say anything's an absolute must." But, unlike Bryce Harper, who has ups and downs, Rendon is more consistent, and the Nats need to keep that consistency in their lineup. 

"Anthony's got a rhythm about him. [He] never gets too high, never gets too low," DeRosa said. "He's gotta stay."

For the Wild Card game, should the Nats hold on, DeRosa is going all-in on one guy: "Max."

And if they win, DeRosa thinks the Nats rotation helps. "I like Stras (Stephen Strasburg) Game 1 against the Dodgers," DeRosa said.


Mark DeRosa thinks the Nationals could 'absolutely' make a run to the World Series originally appeared on NBC Sports Washington

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