Mark Cuban and Sean Hannity spend an entire interview yelling at each other

Yahoo Entertainment

Dallas Mavericks owner and Shark Tank star Mark Cuban was on Hannity, Tuesday, where he spent the majority of the interview arguing with Sean Hannity about Donald Trump’s success as president.

Despite being a Republican, Cuban has openly endorsed presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden for president. And while he has been a frequent guest on Hannity, recent interviews have been increasingly argumentative as a result.

During Tuesday’s interview, Hannity often had an ad hominem response to Cuban’s arguments. For example when Cuban argued that the U.S. is losing grounding in international trade, Hannity replied, “I watch you on Shark Tank and you are so much better than this.”

The interview came to an abrupt conclusion when Cuban called out Hannity, and other Fox News personalities for offering up “softball questions” while interviewing Trump. “How did Mark Cuban become a billionaire?” said Hannity. “I've got to go.”

Despite the barbs being thrown back and forth, it is clear the two remain cordial. Hannity even promised to have Cuban back on his show the following week.

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