Mark Cuban again speaks to a potential 2020 bid: I'd have to convince my wife

Christina Gregg,

Mark Cuban continued to speak to the possibility of his running for president on Thursday, this time noting his wife's reaction to such a future political endeavor.

The billionaire businessman was asked about his recent past of teasing a 2020 election run at the New York Times' DealBook conference on Thursday, to which he replied that his family is the main reason he has yet to fully commit.

Specifically, he mentioned his wife.

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"She asked me if I want to stay married," Cuban said of his partner, noting that he is unsure whether he will be able to persuade her. "But I think I have a year to find out."

As recently as last month, the Dallas Mavericks owner continued to state that he was still weighing a presidential bid.

"Considering, yes," Cuban said. "Ready to commit to it, no."

The billionaire businessman and star of ABC's "Shark Tank" was leading President Trump in a 2020 presidential poll released in August by Public Policy Polling. According to that poll, Cuban received the backing of 42 percent of respondents while 38 percent of those surveyed picked Trump. An additional 20 percent said they were unsure.

Cuban has previously said he would only run for the executive office title if he found solutions to concrete policy issues like health care and the plight of the working class, which he echoed in his latest comments.

"If it comes down to, ‘Do I think I can win because I can convince more people to vote for me?' Then no, I won't run," Cuban said.

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