Mario Lemieux jumped in Sidney Crosby’s pool, fully clothed (Video)

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The Pittsburgh Penguins victory rager is entering its third day, with the team’s Stanley Cup parade scheduled for Wednesday.

But on Monday night, the celebration hit captain Sidney Crosby’s house, where the boys and their families continued the party. And by “the boys” we of course mean owner Mario Lemieux, who will always be one of the boys, as evidenced by his awesome dive into Sid’s pool captured here:

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Fully clothed, of course.

Nice form by Mario. Would have definitely drawn a penalty.

Obviously, Mario Lemieux and the Stanley Cup and swimming pools go way back. He and his Penguins infamously partied with the Cup during their back-to-back wins, and it ended up in the bottom of his pool. “It doesn’t float,” teammate Phil Bourque told the Penguins website in 2008. “We put it in Mario’s pool and it sinks in a matter of 10 seconds. We didn’t want to hurt it because you got to respect the Cup, but you want have some fun with it too.”

Fun indeed!

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