Marian Gaborik’s ‘warrior’ girlfriend hit by puck at Kings game (Photo)

As they say before every NHL game, fans must be aware that pucks can leave the ice surface at any time during play.

Well, one did at the Los Angeles Kings’ game against the Colorado Avalanche on Wednesday night. And it ended up smacking Marian Gaborik’s girlfriend Ivana Surovcova on the face.

From reader Chris:

Marion Gaborik’s girlfriend took a puck in the face tonight. She was sitting behind (and one section to the right) of the Kings bench. We saw the puck deflect into the crowd in a hurry. A friend of mine saw a woman leave and said she got hit near the eye. Bleeding.

Gaborik and Surovcova both posted about her injury on social media … in a frankly adorable way:

Ten zips!

As for Surovcova, she feels she’s official now:

Hopefully she’s feeling fine, and the NHL has avoided another ‘Ulf Samuelsson meets Janet Jones’ situation:


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