Marcus Spears 'furious' with Dwayne Haskins after latest incident

Ethan Cadeaux
·3 min read

Marcus Spears 'furious' with Haskins after latest incident originally appeared on NBC Sports Washington

Only one word was needed to describe the way Marcus Spears felt after seeing photos of Washington Football Team quarterback Dwayne Haskins partying mask-less following Sunday's loss to Seattle.

"Furious," Spears said on ESPN's NFL Live.

The photos of Haskins went viral on Monday, and the quarterback issued an apology on Twitter one day later. Washington is handling the situation internally, and has spoken with the NFL and the NFL Players Association about the next steps following the incident.

In his apology, Haskins called his actions "irresponsible and immature." Unfortunately for the quarterback, this is just the latest action of his that's fit that description.

Even though the second-year quarterback acknowledged that he made a mistake, Spears thinks Haskins' actions are inexcusable, no matter what.

"This was one of those situations where you go around and have these conversations with young players, even in college when they were coming out, about the responsibilities and the things you are going to take on," Spears said. "Dwayne Haskins has to understand that he has a responsibility to the people that helped him get to this point as well. This is dumb. This is stupid."

This isn't the first time Haskins has violated protocols, either. He was fined in October after making a reservation for a friend at the team's hotel in New York.

Besides the mere fact that Haskins endangered himself, his family, and his teammates by breaking COVID protocols once again, the timing of the incident was also odd.

Haskins partook in such events immediately following Washington's Week 15 loss to the Seahawks, in what happened to be his first start in two and a half months. Haskins was benched after Week 4 he likely wouldn't have seen the field the rest of the season had Alex Smith not been hurt.

But due to Smith's nagging calf strain, Haskins was thrust into the starting gig with his team in first place and in the middle of a playoff push. The quarterback had what Spears called a "golden opportunity" to prove himself to the organization once again, yet blew it based on poor decision-making off the field.

"The frustrating part is that Dwayne Haskins has this golden opportunity, and you choose to do this?" Spears said. "All the dudes that want this opportunity don't have it? And you choose to do this in this year?"

Haskins didn't necessarily excel on the field, either, as he threw two costly interceptions in the loss to Seattle. Based on his on-field performance, there wasn't much to celebrate after the game.

Despite this messy situation, Washington still sits in first place in the NFC East with two games to play. If Smith is unable to play on Sunday -- a potential division clincher for Washington -- Haskins likely gives Washington the best chance to win. 

Instead of focusing on the Panthers, though, Washington will have to deal with the repercussions of Haskins' actions all week. That simply can't happen, especially at this point in the season.

"The NFL has protocols that's been in place as long as we acknowledged having a season for things like this to not transpire," Spears said. "That's what Dwayne Haskins has to learn."