Marcus Camby’s marijuana charges have been dismissed

Jump to the skies, Marcus Camby. A Texas district attorney has cleared your name of any wrongdoing stemming from your arrest for marijuana possession last month.

You'd jump for joy, too, if your Porsche SUV was pulled over in the wee hours with the smell of burnt marijuana wafting through the air, and any charges against you for the stop were pulled because the ounce of marijuana found in the car was discovered under your buddy's seat!

Camby's passenger, Kendal Johnson, pled guilty to the dope charge and paid a $1,500 fine.

From The Oregonian:

"The county district attorney weighed the evidence, weighed the fact that the marijuana was under Kendal's seat ... and weighed the fact that Kendal is confessing to his marijuana," [Camby's attorney Randall] Novak said. "With those facts together, they don't have a case."

Actually, this was allegedly an SUV. I'm not entirely sure Camby's 6-11 frame could fit in a Porsche 911. Perhaps I should watch what I accuse him of.

And on a serious note, the people that were up in arms over the fact that Camby was technically caught in a school zone should note that he was pulled over around one in the morning. Also, Joe Freeman points out that Johnson is from Connecticut, which has decriminalized the possession of up to a half-ounce of marijuana "for personal use."

Johnson was in possession of an ounce. Hippies.

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