Marco Rubio has the last laugh after Trump stops statement to drink water

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WASHINGTON — President Trump interrupted a statement on Wednesday afternoon to take an awkward sip from a water bottle. It was a move he once mocked Marco Rubio for, and the Florida senator wasted little time in teasing Trump on Twitter. 

Trump took his drink in the midst of a statement in which he recounted the 12-day Asia trip that ended on Tuesday evening. He suddenly stopped speaking and bent down behind the microphone. 

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“They don’t have water?” Trump asked as he came up empty handed. “That’s OK.”

After speaking with someone off camera, Trump found a bottle of Fiji water at the other side of the podium, leaned over to pick it up, unscrewed the cap, and took a long drink. He smacked his lips in satisfaction and returned to his prepared remarks. 

President Trump in search of water during a statement on his trip to Asia. (Photo: Evan Vucci/AP)
President Trump in search of water during a statement on his trip to Asia. (Photo: Evan Vucci/AP)

The presidential sip recalled the now infamous 2013 moment when Rubio slugged from a water bottle while delivering the GOP rebuttal to former President Barack Obama’s State of the Union address. 

The president made fun of Rubio for the first water bottle moment — which became a viral sensation— during their bitter 2016 Republican presidential primary clash, when Trump nicknamed the Florida senator “Little Marco.” In a February 2016 speech, Trump dramatically drank from a water bottle before throwing it away.

“It’s Rubio!” Trump declared as he held the bottle in the air. 

After Trump’s similar sip on Wednesday, Rubio shared a clip of the moment on Twitter and reviewed the president’s technique. 

Similar, but needs work on his form. Has to be done in one single motion & eyes should never leave the camera. But not bad for his 1st time,” Rubio wrote. 

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