1 perfect bracket remains in Yahoo Tourney Pick 'Em

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USC's win over Drake on Saturday afternoon left us three-fourths of the way through the first round of the 2021 NCAA men's basketball tournament.

And it left Yahoo Tourney Pick 'Em with one perfect bracket remaining.

A Yahoo user named "Tiffany," with a bracket entitled "TCC," is 24-for-24 entering Saturday night.

Another user named "Eli" fell by the wayside with Drake's loss.

Tiffany's perfect bracket

Oral Roberts' upset of second-seeded Ohio State on Friday left 99.7% of Yahoo brackets broken. But not Tiffany's. Tiffany picked Oral Roberts, and North Texas over Purdue, and Oregon State over Tennessee.

Here's what perfection looks like:

(Yahoo Tourney Pick 'Em)
(Yahoo Tourney Pick 'Em)

When will the perfect bracket get broken?

It remains exceedingly unlikely, however, that Tiffany's bracket will last through the rest of the first round. Think a probability of 2%, or thereabouts.

UConn could break it. Ohio could break it. Oklahoma could break it. BYU could break it. And if none of them do, Tiffany needs No. 14 seed Abilene Christian to stun No. 3 seed Texas.

Tiffany's picks for the remainder of the night:

  • No. 2 Iowa over No. 15 Grand Canyon

  • No. 10 Maryland over No. 7 UConn

  • No. 4 Virginia over No. 13 Ohio

  • No. 9 Missouri over No. 8 Oklahoma

  • No. 1 Gonzaga over No. 16 Norfolk State

  • No. 11 UCLA over No. 6 BYU

  • No. 14 Abilene Christian over No. 3 Texas

  • No. 7 Oregon over No. 10 VCU

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