March Madness: Ohio's upset of Virginia ruins the last perfect Yahoo Tourney Pick'Em bracket

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Tiffany's run of perfection is over.

Jason Preston and the Ohio Bobcats ended Tiffany's streak of getting every game right on her bracket Saturday night when No. 13 Ohio beat No. 4 Virginia in the first round of the West region.

Tiffany was the last Yahoo user who had gotten every game right on her bracket. She correctly picked Oral Roberts' upset of Ohio State, North Texas' upset of Purdue, Syracuse's win over San Diego State and even Abilene Christian's win over Texas late Saturday night. She also had Oregon over VCU in a game called off because of COVID-19. But Tiffany didn't have the Bobcats.

Tiffany's bracket became the last perfect bracket earlier in the day on Saturday when USC beat Drake. There were two perfect brackets left before the end of the Trojans' win and the other bracket had Drake beating USC. When USC won, Tiffany was the last one standing.

Could Tiffany have gotten through Saturday with a perfect bracket had she picked Ohio? Yes. She had No. 14 seed Abilene Christian beating No. 3 Texas and No. 11 UCLA beating No. 6 BYU. Those two upsets weren't impossible. But they were improbable ... and they both happened.

Raise a glass to Tiffany. While she wasn't perfect, she was perfect far longer than any of the rest of us.

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