Your March 2021 Horoscope for Health, Love, and Success

·19 min read

After a month of getting deluged and stalled out by wintry weather, perhaps even stuck in reverse, thanks to a month dominated by Mercury retrograde, March 2021 will finally bring forward movement — and not only because it hosts the spring equinox and beginning of a whole new astrological cycle.

Up until March 20, the confident sun will move through hazy, daydream-obsessed, empathic Pisces, urging you to wear rose-colored glasses, channel your deepest emotions into art, and swim around in all the feelings. Then, from March 20 to April 29, Aries season kicks off a new astrological year, as the sun moves through the dynamic, competitive, impulsive fire sign, stirring you to hit the ground running, getting all those laundry-listed to-dos and dreams accomplished yesterday.

Pisces and Aries seasons — the first, fertile ground for creative and heart-centric pursuits, while the second motivates you to make bold moves — join forces to make March a time to both imagine and act. This is the time for reflecting on your desires, then getting the wheels in motion. The water-to-fire energy can feel just like steam; it can fog up your rational thought, but it can also turn up the volume on your passion, excitement, and drive. This month, you'll want to take a moment for mindfulness and even escape into a dreamscape of your design before chasing down what you want with all the energy and will of a fired-up little kid.