Mara Gomez becomes first transgender woman to play soccer in Argentina

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Mara Gomez broke barriers Monday. With her start against Lanus, Gomez became the first transgender woman to play soccer in Argentina.

The Argentina Football Association cleared Gomez to play in the contest, which Villa San Carlos won 7-1. The AFA reportedly took recommendations from the International Olympics Committee to allow Gomez to play, according to ESPN.

Despite the loss, Lanus honored Gomez, giving her a jersey to commemorate the accomplishment.

Mara Gomez thanks Villa San Carlos, family and friends for support

Following the contest, Gomez wrote an emotional message thanking those who helped her along the way.

In that post, Gomez also wrote about the many obstacles she had to overcome to reach this moment, according to ESPN.

“It wasn't magic, it wasn't a gift, it wasn't easy. There was a life of fighting, suffering and sadness. There was a life on the edge of death and a broken heart. Many obstacles had to be overcome to revert the past ... This has only just begun. Today I breathe, today my soul returns to my body.”

Villa San Carlos’ next game is slated to come against River Plate on Saturday.

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