Maple Leafs were 'this close' to landing Alexis Lafreniere

Kyle Cantlon
·1 min read

The last day or so — similar to the last 50-plus years as a whole — has resembled a real-life poop emoji for Leafs fans.

One of the most miraculous comebacks in modern “playoff” history in Game 4 versus Columbus filled fans with joy and a solid dosage of that sweet, sweet hope. But Sunday’s Game 5 loss put Toronto on the sidelines before the actual, official postseason even begins, and Monday saw a fitting ending to an all-around brutal campaign in Leaf Land.

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Toronto — with a 12.5 percent chance of winning the top pick after the first phase of the lottery deemed that the eight ousted teams from the qualifying round would have an equal shot at No. 1 — saw the ping-pong ball representing the top pick ricochet in and out of the tube mere milliseconds before the New York Rangers’ ball shot up, allowing Blue Shirts to land QMJHL phenom Alexis Lafreniere.

Just an absolutely cursed image for Leafs fans, but surely “draft porn” for the giant army of non-Leafs supporters who understandably take joy in such things.

No one, not even 99.999% of the most hardcore TML fans, believe the Leafs actually deserved to win this thing and the rights to Lafreniere anyways, but the way that baby just rattled around millimetres away before dropping is an ultra dose of pink Himalayan salts right in the open wound.

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