Maple Leafs' Ilya Mikheyev receives the soup gift he so deserves

Kyle CantlonNHL Editor
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Ilya Mikheyev is all stocked up. (Twitter/Souperman65)
Ilya Mikheyev is all stocked up. (Twitter/Souperman65)

One of the Maple Leafs’ more wholesome personalities — and prominent soup advocates — has received quite the hearty welcome package.

Ilya Mikheyev, the Russian rookie who now boasts a few different soup-derived nicknames such as “Soupy” and “Souperman,” went viral earlier this season when he questioned the eating habits of Canadians.

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On Sunday, Campbell’s surprised the delightful Mikheyev with a giant bag filled with cans of his brothy dinner of choice.

"I only play hockey," claimed Mikheyev when asked about obtaining a possible soup sponsorship in the future, according to the Star’s Bruce Arthur.

Honestly if there’s one professional athlete in existence who deserves free stuff, it’s this dude. Get this man his soup and keep it coming.

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