Manziel seems to be making one last effort to land with an NFL team

Mike Florio
ProFootball Talk on NBC Sports

So why is Johnny Manziel suddenly unleashing a media blitz? With a CFL team interested in his services for 2018, it could be that Manziel wants to take a final shot at getting a spot on a 90-man offseason NFL roster before committing to Canada.

One specific comment he made on the Pardon My Take podcast seemed to be particularly revealing. Manziel said that he started to get some interest from teams after the Super Bowl a year ago. So with this year’s Super Bowl over, and rosters expanded from 53 to 90, now would be the time to try to make a push to persuade an NFL team to give him another chance.

Personally I’d like to see Manziel get another chance. But here’s the problem: Who will trust him enough to give him one?

Four years ago, Johnny Football was all about football, so focused that his decision to take a one-day trip to the Nike facility in Oregon raised questions. Remember when he showed up for his Pro Day workout in pads and a helmet? He was committed. He was determined. And, as it appeared once he became a first-round pick, he was faking.

While off-field issues regarding substances of abuse can be overlooked if the situation can be gotten under control, the bigger problem with Manziel came from his lack of a nose-to-the-grindstone football work ethic. Indeed, with talk of his first NFL start looming during his rookie season, he ditched film and playbook study and headed out to an NBA game.

After 2014, Manziel spent weeks in rehab, making other changes aimed at proving that he was serious. It didn’t last.

So now he’s serious again, hopeful to get another chance in the NFL. What happens if he gets what he wants? No NFL team seems to be interested in finding out.

That’s why Manziel’s best bet continues to be going to Canada and becoming the next Doug Flutie, Warren Moon, or Jeff Garcia to parlay success in the land of poutine into a third chance to play pro football in the Manziel still thinks he belongs.

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