How many Commanders were among the NFL leaders in officially licensed merchandise sales?

The Washington Commanders weren’t marketable over the past few seasons. Whether it was the multiple name changes, fans hating the current jersey lineup, or the lack of a franchise quarterback, the Commanders weren’t at the top of NFLPA’s leaders in jersey sales.

That could change in 2024. Washington drafted quarterback Jayden Daniels at No. 2 overall, and many fans have already ordered his jersey. If Daniels takes Washington by storm, which ESPN’s Louis Riddick said he would do, Daniels will be one of the NFL’s top jerseys sold around Christmas.

The NFLPA revealed the year-end top 50 list for all officially licensed NFL player merchandise. This doesn’t mean only jersey sales but all officially licensed merchandise of that player.

Two current Washington Commanders made the list — but only one played for Washington last season.

Linebacker Bobby Wagner, who played for the Seahawks, came in at No. 35. Wide receiver Terry McLaurin was No. 46. Could you imagine the merchandise McLaurin could sell if he had consistent quarterback play?

If the Commanders have a surprise season in 2024, multiple players could be on this list one year from now. Daniels is almost a certainty.

Story originally appeared on Commanders Wire