Manual wheelchair attachment allows users to move with ease

SmartDrive MX2+ is a rear-wheel-drive system that attaches to the back of a manual wheelchair. Described as “the sweet spot between manual and motorized wheelchairs.” It’s lightweight and simple to install on the back of a manual wheelchair. The smart technology is activated with either a SwitchControl which is a switch to allow it to move forward or by PushTracker which is a smartwatch-looking device that allows users to double-tap the rim of their wheelchair to activate and deactivate the monowheel. SmartDrive MX2+ is designed to reduce shoulder stress and pain in manual wheelchair users. Learn more at

Transcript: Wheelchair power assist. SmartDrive by Permobil provides power assistance for manual wheelchairs. The SmartDrive MX2+ is a portable and lightweight device. Designed to reduce shoulder pain and general fatigue. The system easily attaches to the back of a wheelchair. It’s activated with either the “SwitchControl” or the “PushTracker” wearable device. When SmartDrive is engaged momentum gradually increases. Once the desired speed is achieved tap once on the rim to lock it in. Double-tap the rim again to turn off the motor and brake using your hands. SmartDrive MX2+ is fully electric with a top speed of 5.5 mph. When fully charged it has a range of 12.3 miles

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