Manu Ginobili's shoe basically exploded during the Spurs-Pistons game (Video)

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San Antonio Spurs star Manu Ginobili has had a career full of odd moments. Though Ginobili has cultivated a deserved reputation for stylish and resourceful plays, the most amazing moment of his career might have been when he swatted a renegade bat out of the air. Somehow, it felt like an extension of the rest of his on-court abilities, even if will likely never be repeated again.

On Wednesday night against the Detroit Pistons, Ginobili added another insane moment to his career highlight tape. This one isn't quite so unreal as the bat incident, but it belongs in the same sentence. Because Ginobili saw his left shoe effectively explode, with his foot going straight through the detached sole:

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There's no real way to explain this one beyond suggesting that you watch the video. From the looks of things, Ginobili slid to his left while defending Pistons guard Rodney Stuckey, had his foot come down at a bit of a weird angle, and then had the sole detach from the upper completely. The outcome could be without precedent, although Blake Griffin did rip a hole in his shoe in a 2012 playoff game against the Memphis Grizzlies.

It's not immediately clear what model of shoe Ginobili was wearing, but the Spurs blog Pounding the Rock has narrowed it down to either the Nike Air Max Closer IV or the Nike Zoom Hyperfuse.

Amidst the confusion, this play will only add to the belief that Ginobili has one of the strongest Eurosteps in basketball history.

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