Manu Ginobili’s fastball, Avery Bradley’s deception and Matt Carroll’s chasedown: Weekend plays worth watching (VIDEOS)

Ball Don't Lie

Sometimes it can be tough to keep up with dope things that happen in the NBA over the weekend, because you have to, like, go outside for a while. It's a foolish decision, of course, but one we all have to make from time to time. If you left your basketball dungeon this weekend and just quickly caught up on box scores over coffee, you might have missed a few cool plays that weren't game-winners or big-picture consequential, but remain worth your time.

Like, for example, Manu Ginobili's missile of a feed to Matt Bonner during the San Antonio Spurs' 121-97 beatdown of the Los Angeles Lakers on Friday night:

Hey, Kristian: Going to need you to link up with that physics professor again to see if Manu's pass was faster than Danilo Gallinari's. Thanks, dude. 'Preciate it.

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The unsung hero, as always? Matt Bonner, giving Manu a prime target for the pass, putting himself in position to make a play and finishing crisply. Classic fundamentals from Coach B.

You also might have missed Avery Bradley lulling the Atlanta Hawks into a false sense of security on Friday night by making himself seem vulnerable to every mother's worst nightmare: a boy running with his shoelaces untied.

The Hawks got the last laugh by scoring a 97-92 Friday night win over Bradley's extraordinarily thin Boston Celtics squad — the C's faced Atlanta without Rajon Rondo, Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett, Ray Allen and Mickael Pietrus — but I'm sure Boston's cadre of wily veterans were heartened by the cagey move from their breakout second-year guard. It seems like all those lessons about the art of war, the value of subterfuge and the element of surprise that KG imparts in the team's regular paintball sessions are really paying dividends.

Last, but certainly not least, you may have missed that rarest of feats during Friday night's matchup between the Memphis Grizzlies and the Charlotte Bobcats — the Matt Carroll chasedown block.

Matt Carroll has blocked 60 shots in his nine-year, 460-game NBA career; none have been captured on the immortal "mattcarrolsnation" YouTube channel, the Internet's official source for Matt Carroll highlights, so I am pretty sure this is, if not his first chasedown block in the NBA, then at least his most notable. Thanks, Josh Selby. We wouldn't have this precious moment without you.

(The Grizzlies still won the game, 85-80, because they are a fearsome Western Conference playoff team, because Charlotte is pretty much the exact opposite of that, and because a grizzly bear can beat up a bobcat. That's just science.)

Are the clips above not working for you? Please feel free to check out Manu's dish, Bradley's steal and Carroll's block elsewhere, thanks to our friends at The Hoop Scene, the NBA and nba-infos, respectively.

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