Manti Te’o is eyeing a broadcasting career

This Sept. 24, 2019, file photo shows New Orleans Saints' Manti Te'o (51) on the sidelines during a game against the Carolina Panthers in Charlotte, N.C.

Former Notre Dame and NFL linebacker Manti Te’o could be coming to a football game near you.

Te’o was a guest on FanDuel TV’s “Up and Adams” Thursday and told host Kay Adams that he is considering a job in sports broadcasting.

Last month, Te’o attended the NFL’s Broadcasting and Media workshop, which gives current and former NFL players the chance to try their hand at broadcasting.

“I went there because I specifically knew that I wanted to be in a studio type of aspect of (a) show, and it was an amazing time,” he said. “I thought that I did really well. There has been some talks with me and my agent about different opportunities, so we’re waiting to hear back from some networks.”

What Manti Te’o said about a potential broadcast career

In Thursday’s episode, Adams noted that during Teo’s last visit to the show, she thought a network needed to quickly “scoop” the Heisman finalist up because his “analysis is so fantastic.” She also said that Te’o has “the best energy in the business.”

“It’s the next wave, the next ride, and it’s a ride I’m excited to get on,” Te’o said.

An eight-year NFL veteran, Te’o is excited by the prospect of sharing his wealth of football knowledge with fans across the country.

“It couldn’t get easier than to sit back and talk about football, to articulate football, to give the viewers a different perspective of the game that they may not know — just things that I’ve experienced in the locker room, on those airplane rides, conversations that I’ve heard, relationships that I built,” he said.

While at the workshop, Te’o was reunited with former New Orleans Saints teammates defensive end Cam Jordan, who is still with the Saints, and quarterback Chase Daniel.

“Obviously, having Cam Jordan there was like brothers reuniting,” Te’o told Adams. “I was paired up with Chase, and I played with Chase and having those type of relationships was like a big reunion for me, and, you know, I just felt super comfortable there. I’m excited for what’s ahead.”