Man's Viral Rant About Girls in Baggy T-Shirts Brings Out the 'Trashwalkers'

Women across the Internet are claiming they’re ‘trashwalkers.’ (Photo: Twitter/noellearce)
Women across the Internet are claiming they’re ‘trashwalkers.’ (Photo: Twitter/noellearce)

One man’s Facebook post about his disdain for women’s casual clothing — specifically large T-shirts and short shorts — is making its way around the Twitterverse.

Twitter user Brenna Holtzclaw shared a screenshot of a post on women’s dress written by user named David Kimmel-Spivey. Alongside the screenshots, she added, “I feel so attacked.” Her tweet featuring Kimmel-Spivey’s post has racked up over 20,000 likes and over 7,000 retweets. It went a little something like this.

“What the crap is up with these basic a** teenage girls that look like crap wearing a huge baggy t-shirt and micro mini shorts,” the post reads. “It looks like they’re only wearing a baggy t-shirt that you would barely even sleep in and some basic flip-flops but they’re carrying a designer handbag. I just saw a few of these disgusting creatures aka #trashwalkers.”

“It enrages me to a point of hatred that no one can understand,” the post continues. “I would like to refer to these girls as trash walkers because it’s something that you would wear taking out the trash. Why would these parents let them go out in public like this! To make matters worse — I think this is a regional thing because I travel all the time, and I don’t see this crap anywhere but here.”

The author then attached a picture of model Hailey Baldwin, writing, “The picture below is actually an upgraded version of what I saw girls wearing around highland park the…..fanciest area in Dallas.”

(Photo: Twitter/bholtz_)
(Photo: Twitter/bholtz_)

Whether the post was some bizarre joke or a male actually enraged at women dressing down in public is up for interpretation, considering the account behind the original post — David Kimmel-Spivey — has since been deleted. That didn’t stop the Twitterverse from speculating on the post’s intent.

Aside from guessing if the post was written in jest or not, women everywhere have also decided to run with the joke and proudly proclaim that they are in fact, “trashwalkers.”

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