Man's impromptu lesson gives girlfriend panic attack

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One man’s impromptu astronomy lesson took an unexpected turn .

when he caused his girlfriend to

suffer a panic attack while discussing

the doomed future of our planet.

The space aficionado in question wrote on

the subreddit “Today I F***** Up” that he was FaceTiming

with his girlfriend while on Reddit discussing with

another user how diamonds are “essentially worthless,”.

as they are extremely common on other planets. (Scientists say that it actually rains the pricy uncut gems on Saturn and Jupiter).

the conversation segued into different types of stars and how they eventually die — .

including our very own Sun — and wipe out everything in their range in the process, including orbiting planets — like, ya know, the Earth.

"As my girlfriend digests this information, she starts to think of how humanity may end completely and how life, and our existence is basically meaningless..." .

"...which sends her into a panic attack, causing her to freeze up, have difficulty breathing, and start crying for about five minutes straight," the man wrote.

commenters seemed to relate to the

woman’s sense of doom, albeit in

relation to more impending events

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